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  Education And Families

Our work in this policy area has looked at all levels of formal education and on early intervention policies. We believe that it is far better and fairer for individuals and society, and makes clear economic sense, to intervene early before problems develop in later life. 

Project partners include: Iain Duncan Smith MP, Graham Allen MP, Matthew Taylor, Mary Riddell, Professor Tim Brighouse, Fiona Millar, Million+, Centre for Social Justice, Russell Group, Every Child A Chance Trust, Children’s Rights Alliance England, and Edge.

Getting in Early: Primary schools and early intervention
This monograph follows the report Early Intervention: Good Parents, Great Kids, Better Citizens. It offers further evidence of how early intervention, followed through from pre-school years to primary school years, can break the intergenerational cycle of under achievement and multiple deprivation. As with the first report, this collaboration offers a cross-party perspective and reaches across a range of professions and disciplines. Includes chapters by Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP, Graham Allen MP, David Laws MP, John Bercow MP, Professor Katherine Weare, Dr Lee Elliot Major, and Jean Gross. 2008

Early Intervention: Good Parents, Great Kids, Better Citizens
A joint report with the Centre for Social Justice on Early Intervention policies was launched by senior Labour and Conservative politicians. They paint an apocalyptic vision of worsening violent crime and social disorder unless radical steps are taken early in the lives of young children to halt the slide to delinquency. In the report former Government Minister Graham Allen and former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith highlight the importance of new Early Intervention programmes targeted at boosting the life chances of deprived children aged 0 to 3 and call for cross-party consensus on intervening early. By Graham Allen MP and Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP 2008

Advancing Opportunity: New models of schooling
Despite improvements in school results over the last 10 years, much more needs to be done to improve participation, attainment and, importantly, aspiration among the most disadvantaged. Our economic future depends upon ensuring that our whole population have the aptitudes and capabilities to cope in a changing and changeable world of work. Taken together, the essays seek to make a coherent case for the need to develop new approaches to learning and education – to provide children with the skills and capabilities required for a new world of work, and to unlock the talent and realise the aspirations of all our children. Includes chapters from Matthew Taylor, Martin Yarnit, Andy Powell, Professor Tim Brighouse, Valerie Bayliss CB, Professor Richard Pring, and Fiona Millar. 2007

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