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  Government And Politics

The Institute is interested in constitutional reform, active citizenship and political participation. Our future work will be exploring voting trends, the interplay between politics and policymaking and improving political engagement.

Project partners include: Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Professor Francesca Klug, John Bercow MP, Trevor Philips, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Hansard Society, Young Foundation, and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Reading the local runes: What the 2011 local election results suggest nationally
This in-house report examines what the 2011 local elections mean nationally. The report looks at the relationship over time and suggests that what matters when predicting general election results is local support for the opposition and not the governing party’s performance. It also analyses the implications 2011 results in regard to the fragmentation of British politicians and the electoral prospects of all three main parties.  


Migration: Where Next? Developing a New Progressive Immigration Policy
This timely collection of essays forms part of a programme of work the Smith Institute is undertaking on migration and social cohesion. The contributors to this monograph aim to provoke a debate about what a new progressive migration policy would entail. Immigration was one of the defining issues of the 2010 general election but, in truth, it is an issue on which the centre-left has for some time failed to create a coherent policy or a positive narrative around this.

Citizenship, Cohesion and Solidarity
The challenge of how we build sustainable and cohesive communities at both local and national level is one of the key debates of public policy. We live in a time of rapid change generated by globalisation, demography and technology. Britain, despite its status as one of the world’s richest economies and most diverse societies, is still a place of inequality, exclusion and isolation. Building on this recent work, the essays in this monograph seek to articulate more fully where the policy debate has taken us and to identify the implications for delivery at a local level. The authors come from a variety of backgrounds and aim to bring a combination of the academic, practitioner and policy-maker perspective to these issues. Includes chapters from Nick Johnson, Professor Ted Cantle, Professor Ed Fieldhouse, and Dilwar Hussain. 2008

Towards a New Constitutional Settlement

Despite major constitutional and institutional reform since much remains to be done to ensure that government and parliament are relevant to the public and are more open, transparent and responsive to people’s concerns. The challenge involves finding a way to reconnect individuals and communities to the state; to narrow the gap between the represented and their representatives; to bring power closer to the people; and to ensure that these democratic reforms are achieved in a manner that maintains high standards of law making, scrutiny and delivery. This collection of essays by constitutional scholars, political scientists and politicians of all parties offers a wide-ranging and thought-provoking account of the issues that need to be addressed as we move towards a new constitutional settlement. Includes chapters by Rt Hon Jack Straw MP, John Bercow MP, Peter Riddell, Professor Francesca Klug and Vernon Bogdanor. 2007

Britishness: Towards a progressive citizenship

The aim of this pamphlet is to look at the ways in which issues of diversity and equality interact with the notion of a positively stated and recognisable understanding of “Britishness”. The essays in this collection offer stimulating and thought-provoking accounts of what a progressive national feeling might encompass, and how it might be encouraged and shaped in the coming years. Includes chapters from Sadiq Kahn MP, Robert Winder, Trevor Phillips, Nick Pearce, Geoff Mulgan, and Madeleine Bunting. 2007

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