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Community-Led Housing Sector Can Be Antidote To Nimbyism

This new report finds that community-led housing (community land trusts, cooperative housing, self-help housing, cohousing) can be a way of overcoming NIMBYism, although the sector needs more support if it is to grow.  Based on in-depth research, the report highlights how community-led housing schemes have successfully met the needs and aspirations of local groups and communities, and sets out what more needs to be done if the sector is scale out. Click here to view full report  Click here to view summary

Britain’s shrinking democracy

This new report shows that 10m people are likely to be missing from the electoral register following government changes to voter registration. The report discusses how the new registers will impact on marginal seats and what the effect will be on the new parliamentary constituencies (the Boundary Review will be based not on the voting population, but on the new registers). Click here to view

There is a broad consensus that increasing productivity is the key economic challenge. Whilst attention is often focused on skills, investment or infrastructure, the importance of what happens inside the workplace between employees and managers is often overlooked. To address this oversight the Institute is undertaking an inquiry into productivity at work. Please click on the following link for more details and how you can submit evidence to the inquiry: click to download call for evidence.

Public services on brink of recruitment crisis

This new survey by the Institute and the Recruitment & Employment Confederation of employment agencies (in health, social care, local government and education) shows that our public services are on the brink of a major recruitment crisis. The survey highlights the difficulties in recruiting staff, especially highly skilled and experienced workers, and predictions from most that the situation will get worse. Click here to view
New shadow housing minister sets out case for investing in social housing

In a new report, 'High aspirations, sound foundations' John Healey MP kicks off a debate about the urgent social housing crisis facing Britain. The analysis shows there are viable alternatives to the government's expensive housing policies and sets out how Labour can revive social housing and reduce the needlessly costly housing benefit bill. Click here to view


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