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New Smith Institute Report on outsourcing the cuts

New Smith Institute report highlights the impact of outsourcing on low-paid workers  click here to view

More funds for planning key to building new homes

A new Smith Institute report based on interviews with developers and planning officers found that both parties were concerned that cuts in funding for planning departments was frustrating new housing development. The report also examined views of neighbourhood planning, NPPF, S106 and the Community Infrastructure Levy and sets out what could be changed to improve the planning system. Click here to view

Housing sector can help avoid NHS crisis

A new Smith Institute report shows the key role the social housing sector can play in helping the NHS deal with the twin threats of budget squeezes and an ageing population. The report, based on interviews with over 50 key figures from the health and housing sectors, looks at how creative partnerships between the sectors can help deliver efficiency savings and improve health outcomes. Click here to view 

New report places spotlight on decline of UK’s regional airports

A new Smith Institute report, containing a collection of views and opinions by airline insiders, airport operators, aviation experts and leading businesses, warns that the decline of regional airports will damage local economies and undermine the UK’s competitiveness. The report which will be submitted to the Airports Commission inquiry comments on the sharp decline in domestic connections to the UK’s hub airport and outlines possible interventions to reverse this trend. Click here to view
NHS land deals with housing associations could save trusts £6 billion

A new Smith Institute paper estimates that the NHS could save £6 billion over 25 years if it teamed up with housing associations to use surplus land for supported housing. The study shows that using surplus NHS land for supported housing (which is significantly more cost effective than treating people in acute hospital wards) offers NHS trusts better value for money than selling the land off for private development. Click here to view


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