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New shadow housing minister sets out case for investing in social housing

In a new report, 'High aspirations, sound foundations' John Healey MP kicks off a debate about the urgent social housing crisis facing Britain. The analysis shows there are viable alternatives to the government's expensive housing policies and sets out how Labour can revive social housing and reduce the needlessly costly housing benefit bill. Click here to view

The Smith Institute at Labour Party Conference

Please join us at our conference fringe events at the Labour party conference. This year’s programme includes events on top pay, collective bargaining and growth, the EU referendum, consumer rights, social housing and banker bashing. Speakers include: Owen Smith MP, John Healey MP, Pat McFadden MP, Steve Reed MP and Roberta Blackman Woods MP. View our whole programme here

Public sector facing growing staffing crisis

This new report places the spotlight on the impact of the public sector pay free on recruitment and retention in the NHS and local government. Based on surveys and interviews the report highlights the serious staffing crisis facing public services.

Click here to view


Full speed ahead: connecting our cities and regions

This new report calls for a step change in transport investment and a more determined and joined-up commitment towards creating an integrated city-to-city transport network.  The report records the progress being made, but makes the case for a more ambitious approach towards devolved transport decision making and a review of the way transport schemes are considered and funded. Click here to view

Red alert: why Labour lost and what needs to change

This new report places the spotlight on why Labour lost the election and what might need to change. The report highlights which seats Labour lost, who turned their back on Labour and what issues the party was weakest on. It also sets out what some of the policy implications of the defeat might be, not least in regard to age, class and place. Click here to view


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