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  Sustainability And Environment

Our work in this field has looked at food supply, homeworking, eco-housing, and energy policy. 

Project partners include: Rt. Hon. Hilary Benn MP, Professor Sir David King, Dr Dieter Helm, Professor Paul Ekins, Stephen Hale, Lord Rees, WWF, E.on, British Energy, Academy for Sustainable Communities, Scottish Power, and the Green Fiscal Commission.

Feeding Britain
This timely publication examines the often overlooked issue of food production and security in Britain. At the global level, population growth, economic growth in key emerging countries, changing dietary patterns, finite land availability, climate change, challenges to the availability of key resources, the energy challenge, and a slowdown in the rate of growth of food productivity all point towards the need for new thinking. We tend to think of these issues in an international context, but in a globalised world they will inevitably affect the UK. Includes chapters by Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, Dr John Bridge, Dame Suzi Leather, and Wilfrid Legg. 2009

Can Homeworking Save the Planet? How homes can become workspace in a low carbon economy
As the authors demonstrate, working from home not only reduces the environmental costs of commuting but also the energy expended in building and fuelling office space. The potential contribution to reducing carbon emissions in this way is significant, and has arguably been overlooked for too long. Over 40% of all UK businesses are now homebased, according to BERR. Yet we are still planning our use of property as if we were still in the industrial age, designing-in unsustainable working practices for decades to come. A fundamental rethink amongst policy makers is necessary, the authors argue, in order to realise the full benefits of a low carbon economy. Includes chapters by Tim Dwelly, Kate Barker, David Cowans, Richard Simmons, Stephen Glaister, and Dennis Pamlin. 2008

The Green Shift: Environmental policies to match a changing public climate

This collection comprises essays by key scientists, economists, politicians, senior civil servants, and experts in the fields of international development, planning and regeneration, and the energy industry. The central thesis running through these contributions is that ‘post industrial’ countries are witnessing a change in public opinion in favour of a ‘green shift’. In harnessing and maintaining this momentum, the challenge for government is to ensure that action to tackle climate change becomes a spur to economic growth and stability, rather than at its expense. The contributors consider the policies and mechanisms that will be necessary if we are to reduce substantially Britain’s own contribution to our changing climate. Includes chapters by Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP, Rt. Hon David Miliband MP, Professor Sir David King, Dr Dieter Helm, Peter Ainsworth MP, Chris Huhne MP, and Dr Keith Allott. 2006

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