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  The Way We Work


The Institute's traditional mode of working is to published monographs of essays which are then launched at high-level seminars in SW1. These publications include chapters from a range of politicians, civil servants, policy makers, experts, academics and senior practitioners. These bespoke publications offer high quality insights from senior thinkers and doers on a particular subject. Hard copies are made available to the audience at the launch and circulated to other stakeholders and media. The PDF versions are circulated to a wider audience and free to download on the website.

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The Institute publishes a wide range of research reports. These offer a single perspective on an issue from leading experts and commentators in the field. These unique pieces of research often come out of scoping roundtables, dinners and seminars. The reports are then launched and discussed at high-level seminars. Hard copies are made available to the audience at the launch and circulated to others. The PDF versions are circulated to a wider audience and free to download on the website.

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The Smith Institute is known for its high-level seminars. The Institute draws in politicians, decision makers, practitioners, academia, media, policy makers and opinion formers to speak on a particular issue. The events are held in Parliament and venues in SW1. Most events are held under Chatham House Rules which allow for a free and frank discussion of the issue. For those unable to attend the Institute publishes summary notes of its events on our website.

Political Party Conferences

The Smith Institute attends all three main political party conferences. The Institute held 27 fringe events last year providing a widely respected platform for ministers, shadow ministers, opinion formers, academics, businesses, not-for-profit organisations, trades unions and delegates.

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The Smith Institute runs high level lectures on topical public policy issues. The lectures aim to promote insights into policy making and new thinking, and provide an opportunity for informed debate. Speakers are drawn from Westminster and Whitehall, public and private sectors, the third sector, academia, media, think tanks, opinion formers, and overseas organisations. We have recently held series of lectures on reinvigorating communities and on security issues. Previous speakers have included former president Bill Clinton, Archbishop John Sentamu, and Rt. Hon. gordon Brown MP. Transcripts of the lectures are published on the website and some can be viewed as videos.

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Roundtable Breakfasts and Dinners

The Institute hosts roundtable breakfasts and dinners. These consist of gathering together a group of experts to discuss an issue in some depth. A summary note of the discussion is taken and either published on the website or used to feed into a wider programme of work. Sometimes we link up with a media partner or professional body which writes and publishes a short discussion paper or briefing note. 

Cohort Studies

The Smith Institute supports inter-generational research work using the British Birth Cohorts. This unique data set tracks people over their lifetime measuring certain key indicators. This enables researchers to look specifically at which factors over a lifetime impact on adult life chanhes. These findings are published and presented at a seminar where the public policy implications are discussed.

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