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  Events Upcoming

‘Are Housing Associations ready for an ageing population? – Report Launch and Debate
In association with Genesis Housing Association

Wednesday 14th January 2015
0930hrs to 1100hrs, Central London venue

The event will see the launch of a major new report on whether housing associations are ready for the challenges presented by our ageing population. The report addresses the future housing needs of older people and the role of housing associations in providing supported accommodation and care. It examines these challenges over the medium term investment horizon to the 2030s. In particular, it explores what the older population will be like at that time, what housing association boards should be thinking about now, and what the sector and government need to do to realise the opportunities and manage the risks associated with older people’s housing. The report also considers how the links between housing, health and social care can be improved, and asks if housing providers understand the expectations and aspirations of their tenants as they grow older.

Speakers: TBA.

To register for the event please contact Natalia Raha – email or telephone 020 7845 5845.


Forthcoming Projects and Events

Towards a suburban renaissance

The Smith Institute, in association with Barrow Cadbury Trust, will follow up its recent work on poverty in suburbia. The report will profile several case studies and examine in detail what policies could make a lasting difference to improving the lives of people living in poorer suburbs.


Healthcare – the next five years

This project, with the ACCA, will include essays by leading healthcare decision and policy makers on the challenges facing the NHS.

Delivering the double dividend

In association with CLES, the Institute will be publishing a report on the pros and cons of devolution, with particular regard to regeneration and job creation.


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