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  What Is The Smith Institute

The Smith Institute is a leading independent ‘think tank’ which promotes progressive policies for a fairer society. We provide a high-level forum for new thinking and debate on public policy and politics. Through our research, reports, briefings, monographs, events, lectures, education, and our website, the Institute offers a platform for thought leadership on a wide range of topics. We are interested not only in innovation and new ideas but also in how to translate policy into practice.

Founded in memory of the late Rt. Hon. John Smith MP, the former leader of the Labour Party who had an all pervading passion for social justice, the Institute seeks to engage politicians, decision makers, practitioners, academia, opinion formers and commentators.

The Institute’s activities are informed by a network of well known experts, policy makers, research fellows and patrons. Based in London, it works in partnership with a range of public and private organisations, foundations and charities. As a charity, The Smith Institute had an excellent track record in influencing and shaping public policy, and extensive national and international contacts. Over the last decade it held over 500 events and published more than 150 reports, with contributions from Prime Ministers and MPs to archbishops and chief executives. The Smith Institute, recently reconstituted as a not-for-profit organisation, will sustain and develop this record of achievement, and maintain its reputation and influence in Westminster and Whitehall.


The Smith Institute is a not-for-profit company (registered as SI Research Limited 07098225) More Info | Site map